​​​​​​​"Rich took us back to the essence of communication itself, in Meisner-exercises involving listening and repeating. It was amazing to witness all the students’ growth from these exercises, and we all bonded really beautifully from working together.
But, the best part of the class is Rich. He is a fantastic teacher. He stretches you to commit fully and challenges you to capture the truth of each moment—he makes you want to work hard and improve! Inspiring, encouraging, patient, and proficient in the technique, Rich Remedios’ passion and devotion for Meisner work is manifest; he has all the qualities of an outstanding teacher. I highly recommend Rich’s Intro to Meisner class to actors both novice and experienced who want to unlock the secrets of the characters they wish to play by first taking on the challenge of getting in touch with their own truthful reactions.
I also recommend this class to directors and theatre academics — Meisner technique is very beneficial for tapping deeper into scene work and better engaging actors."
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