"I absolutely think Meisner Technique is helpful to get you out of your head and out of your rehearsed patterns.  It stretches you and reminds you that being in the moment is to let go of control and to have real experiences, not manufactured/presupposed responses to things that are said and done.  "Play" happens and it's fun.
Rich is an excellent teacher.  He is patient and honest and offers his view in a way that lets you know that he's looking to see YOU bring the work to life in a way that is uniquely yourself and not a idea of what he thinks it should be.  He is an encourager and makes you want to up your game as far as the preparation and work you put into what you bring to class.  He makes you feel that if you are enjoying your time working as his student, he is enjoying it as much!  It's a challenge and a joy to have someone speak to who you present and call you to even greater work.
I love that you get to work every single class and that classes are relatively small so you get time and don't feel rushed through.  It is also stressed that you do the work: your classmates are dependent on you, so homework and class work are not taken lightly and (at least in my group) everyone works hard and shows up prepared. "
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