​​​​​​​"Studying with Rich has provided some of the most defining and affirming work I have found not only as an actor, but also as a lifelong learner. His investment in his students, to help seek out the truth in ourselves with relationship to the text, consistently brought deeply rooted challenges that we faced together to better ourselves as performers. This kind of study and solidarity crafted tools to reach emotional depths repeatably, honestly, and with confidence.
Rich does not mince words or feels any obligation to play nice with his instruction—his passion for teaching makes you want the truth of the scene more, urging you to offer as much of your individual self into each lesson. His class exercises the imagination, but does not allow any separation between the person and the performer. It is hard, but incredibly rewarding and honest work.
As an instructor and mentor, Rich was so committed to my individual growth, I am unable to praise his class highly enough. His Meisner study has not only taught me how to deepen my listening, but to confidently trust my instincts because of how I can prepare myself through the text, and stay present in any given circumstance. Thank you so very much."
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