I am grateful for your giving me the opportunity to be part of the Meisner class.  While my acting training from years ago was somewhat different from the Meisner technique, you’ve given me several new tools to use in my craft. 
My biggest takeaway from the class is focusing intently on my scene partner, giving them what they need and making sure a line “lands” on them.  I used to think about the exchange of dialogue in a scene as two basketball players tossing the ball back and forth as they went down the court to the basket.  I now think it’s more like a quarterback making SURE the receiver gets the football!  (pardon the sports analogy..)
Your class is not easy and while I sometimes came away grumbling to myself, in the end I appreciate being pushed.  I believe a good teacher encourages the student to think and I've certainly done a lot of thinking (daydreaming) during this class! You were very good at encouraging me to expand my thinking and go further but then to narrow it down and be specific when it came to “the most”, “the best” or “greatest” thing/experience to use for preparation.
You’ve also given me a renewed curiosity for learning from other actors.  I now watch movies and TV shows and ask myself, “what am I getting from them?” instead of just “how are they doing that?”
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