I found this class very helpful.  The emotion preparation is still very difficult for me but the piece that I felt the most progress in was the emotional connection with my partner and allowing myself to start to open up authentically.  Although I took this same class with another teacher several years ago, somehow the emotional connection piece didn’t click with me as it did in your class.  Your continual push for me to turn towards my character and connect when my instinct was to turn away at times due to the difficulty of remaining in connection was a powerful connection for the class and really in other areas of my life. 
You know I was intimidated by having you as a teacher but I dedicated myself to be a big girl and jump into the class this session.  And the wonderful surprise is that while you are tenacious in pushing all of us forward, there is an equal balance of strong heart and intelligence (emotional, experiential and intellectual) in your approach that I thrived on.  This is how I try to operate in my life as well so it was a really good fit for me.  I felt your full-feathered presence in class.  
I felt safe with you and in your classroom.  Safe to start to open more on stage.  There was such a reverence for the art and craft of acting from you which passed down to my classmates which included consent and respect for our partners and for our own development, all while pushing us forward.     
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