Learning the Meisner technique from Rich has been indispensable to my skill set as an actor. I approach auditions with the comforting knowledge that I’ve invested many hours of quality time in honing my craft with capable actors and a talented coach. What I appreciate just as much is that I’m a much more patient and curious listener in my day-to-day life, so I feel like I bring more authenticity and value to my relationships, both personal and professional. 
This was not an easy course, which is what I loved about it. Rich held me accountable for my choices and engagement with my scene partner as we rehearsed in class so I could make adjustments on the spot. I am incredibly grateful to have studied with Rich and to have invested 7 to 8 hours a week to learn the Meisner technique. I broke so many emotional walls during the course, whether shedding tears for the first time in front of an audience or getting comfortable with making use of my growing confidence and reacting truthfully to my classmates ... if you don’t, you better believe Rich will let you know it! To succeed at doing what the technique is designed to pull out of actors, I had to willingly make myself vulnerable every week. It was an invigorating and at times unnerving journey, as all truly great educations are. Rich set high expectations and created an environment that was demanding and challenging yet supportive. 
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