I find the Meisner Technique extremely beneficial to my work. It's helped me remedy my self-consciousness on stage more than any other training I've had. It demands that you're present in every moment, keeping you active and unpredictable. The core belief of Meisner training,"living truthfully under imaginary circumstances" and "the reality of doing" are groundwork for anything and everything I strive to do onstage. Have you ever 'faked it' onstage? Meisner can give you the tools to free you from 'faking it'.
Rich is a great teacher, finding a great balance between being a hard-ass and patient. Rich is cognizant of each of his students needs and idiosyncrasies, and crafts his coaching in a way that best serves each individual. When I'm looking for a teacher, I want someone who holds me to a high standard, pushes me to be better, and is equally interested in my input as he is in his, a listener, and a person passionate about the craft. Rich is all of these.

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