by John Woehrle
The Black Box Theater, st cloud MN and The Lab Theater, Minneapolis MN, July-August 2016
Michael Connor - Michael Schwengel
Allen Connor - Jim Hanson
Mary Connor - Ellen Apel
Father Daniels - .John Woehrle
Sister Kenny - Lynda Dahl
Sylvia Haskell - Molly Pach
Theresa Sanchez - Reyna Rios
Father Randall - Adam Glatz
Bishop Castle - Mike Novak

Creative Team
Producer/Playwright - .John Woehrle
Director - .Rich Remedios
Stage Manager - Sarah Wolf
Lighting Designer - Ray Steveson
Costume Designer - Jmarie
Sound Designer - Inna Skogerboe
Props - Lynda Dahl
Publicist - Carol Schuler

"I was truly impressed by this work from a first‐time playwright, a first‐time director (actor Rich Remedios), and actors who were mostly unfamiliar to me. Trust is a powerful play telling an important story, tough to watch but worth the effort."
– Cherry and Spoon
"Trust is absolutely worth seeing. Given the subject matter, it is not easy to sit through, but it importantly not only sheds light on the issue of childhood abuse, but draws a focus on the hornet's nest of feelings the victims of abuse must work through in order to live whole lives. Its current run at The Theater Lab is brief, but hopefully Trust will have a continued life and there will be future opportunities for it to be seen by audiences in the Twin Cities and beyond."
– Arthur Dorfman, Talkin' Broadway
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