"I absolutely found this class to be beneficial to my work as an actor. This class forced me to stay in the moment and therefore act truthfully in the circumstances I was given. I'm often cast as the comic relief in shows, which has always been challenging for me in particular because I as an actor know that the situation I'm in is funny. It's a wall I've had up for years, and anyone close to me knows this about me. Before this class I struggled to stay in character during these moments (which didn't help my self-confidence), and this class has helped me in more ways than I expected. Now comedy doesn't seem so scary or daunting anymore, as it shouldn't, because acting is fun! I learned to do the right work so my performance could be as truthful to me as possible and I have a new-found confidence in myself as a performer.
Working with Rich is challenging in the best way possible. You have to do the work, you can't fight the work, and you have to dig deep. I highly recommend Rich's class to all actors, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. I took a Meisner class in college and I expected this class to be very similar, but I was wrong. This class goes more in depth than the class I took; Rich teaches you how to tailor your work outside the class so the given circumstances are vividly real to you when you are in class. As others have said, Rich doesn't sugarcoat things, and if he knows you can do better, he'll tell you. And even though he pushes you in terms of acting, he cares deeply for all of his students and their well-being and never lets things go too far.
You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with this class, and if you think you can't afford it, think again. I was going through financial hardship (I was in between jobs and had just paid both the deposit and rent for my new apartment) when I approached Rich about taking his class, and he worked with me so that I could take the class without having to empty what was left of my meager bank account. If you're curious about taking this class, do it! Your acting career will thank you."
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