1. I found Meisner Technique to be helpful. I had no prior acting training and this 100% helped me figure out more what it is and how much it actually takes to be an actor. My biggest takeaway is being ok with the climb. By that I mean knowing that every time I worked I am getting better even if it doesn't feel like it. Also watching and partaking in the amazing scenes when things really clicked and everything felt so real. Loved that. 
Rich as a teacher is very well versed in this technique and the acting craft. You can tell he really cares about this and wants to be able to show others how much it can benefit them and how good they could be. What he does well is be blunt about feedback. I don't like it when people sugarcoat things and Rich won't do that. He is also good at explaining step by step when someone is confused about something and is willing to admit when he is wrong or can't provide a truthful answer. No lying to save face. 
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