After taking Meisner level 1, I have a greater sense of presence and awareness as not only an actor, but also a person going through the motions of everyday life. I can feel myself actively listening, responding, engaging and repeating (something I thought I would find annoying, but now brings me immense joy to realize I am actively doing it). I’ve since done a handful of auditions and seen the results from my preparation for the audition and in the audition itself, all of which lead to callbacks, and even booking a show. As someone who overthinks and constantly questions if I’m “doing it right,” this class helped get me out of my head - less thinking leading up to and in the moment, and more of just doing and following my impulses, a concept that I dreaded before this class but that I now don’t mind at all. In all of the other classes I’ve taken, college included, I received a very general overview of many different techniques, and none of them made sense when I tried to apply them to my craft. This approach was specific and clear. Additionally, the work with emotional preparation gave me a way to truthfully exist in in the space that I didn't understand before. I can now see more clearly when I’m forcing an emotion and when I can more naturally get myself to feel what I am going through as my character. Until this class, I’d never been able to consciously and directly apply knowledge to my work - and I had more fun doing it than I ever had in any class before.

Rich was an incredibly patient and supportive teacher. As someone who hates to get up in front of a class and present work, I never once felt pressured, insecure or judged or that I didn’t belong. It was always a safe space, and it was apparent that he enjoys teaching. He communicated the technique and the process very clearly.
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